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Classes  &  Workshops

Architectural Letters

Expressive Drawing with Line

For this small group four week class all levels of experience in drawing are encouraged and welcome. During our time together using the element of line as a focal point we will explore a variety of ways in which to build observational drawing skills. We will also explore the element of line and consider how we can effectively use it to create volume, shading, texture and pattern. Practices will include blind contour, modified contour, continuous line and zen doodle design. A variety of drawing media will be used (ebony pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, colored pencils, and markers) in these open ended explorations and exercises. 

Materials will be provided.  Students are encouraged to bring and keep a sketch book  or drawing journal.

Cost of class $125

Sculptural Architectural Letters

In this fun four week workshop you will be taken through a simple step by step process as you build a sculptural letter that you will have the opportunity to design.  Once the letter is constructed a variety of media (painting, drawing, collage and embellishment) can be used to decorate and finish your piece.  Basic materials for construction are included.  Students are encouraged to bring and additional personal items that they would like to incorporate in their piece.

Cost of Class: $125

Mixed Media Sculptural Books 

In this six week class students will be able to use a variety of media drawing, painting, collage, found objects, ephemera and assemblage techniques to design and create a unique sculptural book using one of the formats that will be demonstrated (fold out, star, accordion, or radial). Basic materials for book construction and media are provided and students are encouraged to bring materials of their choosing as well.

Cost of class $150

Young Artist Collaborative Series 


This class that focuses on a series of projects in drawing, painting and mixed media. It is designed to give young artists an opportunity to explore various media and processes as they learn and practice a variety of techniques through a series of projects that incorporate art elements and design principles.  Works of famous artists are often used as a central theme for discussion and motivation

Cost is $35 per class or $125 for a four week session 

Semi -private and private lessons are  available.   For  more information   contact   and be sure to  follow me on Facebook & Instagram 

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